What is RAC Liquid Armour?

RAC Liquid Armour is the ultimate 5 Year Interior and Exterior Protection for your car.

Liquid Armour has been designed and developed to specifically protect your vehicle. This outstanding product protects both the exterior paintwork and interior upholstery (and conditions your leather) against the ongoing rigours of everyday life, all backed up by a 5 Year Guarantee and outstanding aftercare support service.

Not only is Liquid Armour the latest generation of paint and upholstery protection available on the market, but Liquid Armour is also environmentally friendly both in terms of product content and packaging. Carefully created Liquid Armour is a product in which no harmful compounds or petroleum based propellants are used.

The RAC are so confident that they have created the very best protection product available anywhere in the marketplace that it comes backed by a market leading 5 Year Guarantee.

RAC Liquid Armour Features

  • Professional application by trained staff and backed by a 5 Year Guarantee
  • Exterior paintwork protection
  • Interior upholstery protection
  • After Care Pack

RAC Liquid Armour Benefits

  • Maintains the appearance of your vehicle
  • Protects your resale value
  • Reduces exterior maintenance
  • Reduces the time spent cleaning your vehicle

RAC Liquid Armour Guarantee

The Liquid Armour Guarantee covers you for 5 years and in that time if your car loses its shine or your upholstery is stained it will be rectified. Click here for full policy details.

External Paintwork Protection

Liquid Armour paintwork protection has its origins in the aerospace industry. When originally developed the product was used to protect Concorde and the Boeing 747. Liquid Armour forms an almost impenetrable barrier for your vehicle providing powerful protection for your paintwork.

Steps to provide the ultimate protection:

Stage 1: Professional preparation deep cleans the ‘pores’ of the vehicle’s paint finish.

Stage 2: A fluoro-polymer based sealant bonds through into the clear coat of paintwork. Once cured it is virtually impossible to remove this coat without professional intervention. This gives a durable, glass-like transparent protective layer, providing protection from weather induced fading, acid rain damage, oxidization and loss of gloss.

Interior Upholstery Protection

If left unprotected, your new vehicles upholstery or carpets can soak up liquids and dirt, leading to unsightly stains and marks which can devalue your car.

With Liquid Armour we treat your upholstery and carpets with a formula that creates an invisible barrier helping to reduce friction between the fibres and prolonging their life. This allows the Fabrics and Carpets to retain their natural texture and appearance, whilst easing the removal of dirt and spillages. This prevents staining while preserving the texture and appearance of the material.

Aftercare Pack

The Liquid Armour application also comes with an After Care Pack that helps you maintain your vehicle. This includes the following:

  • Alloy Wheel Cleaner
  • Clear View
  • Insect Remover
  • Interior Cleaner
  • Wash ‘N’ wax
  • Sponge
  • Cloth

RAC Liquid Armour Price From £399

RAC Liquid is subject to terms and conditions. Click here for full policy details.

Watch our Video Explaining RAC Liquid Armour

Please note we only sell this RAC product to customers who has purchased the car directly from Anthony Betts Motor Group.

Need to Claim Under your RAC Liquid Armour Policy?

Your RAC Policy is administered by Premia Solutions and should you need to make a claim, make changes to your policy or simply have a general enquiry they can be contacted at www.premiasolutions.com/contactus or by phone on 01926 622660.