What is RAC Smart Repair Protection?

Small scratches, scuffs and dents are not only unsightly, but have a negative effect on the value of your car. In the past, cars in need of cosmetic repair would have been sent to a conventional body shop, meaning that you would be without your car while the repair took place and potentially the cost of a large bill.

Thankfully many small scratches, scuffs and dents can be repaired using SMART repair technology, offering a fast, cost-effective solution.

SMART Repair Insurance now lets you take advantage of this new solution to ensure your vehicle looks as good as new by repairing those minor little bumps and scratches as they happen. What’s more, SMART Repair Insurance will pick these costs up for a full 3 years!

Benefits of SMART Repair Protection?

  • Protects your main Insurance Policy’s no claims bonus.
  • Maintains the appearance of your car.
  • Maximises future resale value of your car.
  • Professional mobile repair carried out at your convenience.
  • Most repairs can be completed within an hour.
  • Up to £1,000 per claim.
  • Make unlimited claims up to the maximum aggregate of £3000

What is covered?

  • Scratches – a scratch to the vehicle not exceeding 30cm in length and not extending over more than 2 adjacent body panels.
  • Minor dent – a dent to a metal body panel not exceeding 30cm in diameter where such panel has not been ripped, perforated or torn and where the dent is not within 3cm of the edge of the panel.
  • Scuffed bumpers – damage up to 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth and sitting within 1 body panel.
  • Stone Chip – a chip up to 3mm in diameter which can be filled and sealed to prevent corrosion.

RAC Smart Repair Protection Price From £399

RAC Smart Repair Insurance is subject to terms and conditions. Click here for full policy details.

Watch our Video Explaining RAC Smart Repair Protection

Please note we only sell this RAC product to customers who has purchased the car directly from Anthony Betts Motor Group.

Need to Claim Under your RAC Smart Repair Policy?

Your RAC Policy is administered by Premia Solutions and should you need to make a claim, make changes to your policy or simply have a general enquiry they can be contacted at www.premiasolutions.com/contactus or by phone on 01926 622660.