RAC Warranty as Standard

As an RAC Approved Dealer all of our vehicles, which are outside of their manufacturers warranty, come a six month RAC Warranty as standard.

RAC Extended Warranty

The older a car gets the more likely something may go wrong and no one can predict what may go wrong in the next 1, 2 or 3 years time.

Furthermore repairs don’t come cheap. From the RAC claims history across nearly 200,000 warranties they know that the average typical costs can be

Alternator - £467

Turbo - £682

Gearbox - £1039

So for additional peace of mind you may wish to extend your warranty. We offer you the flexability to extend your RAC warranty up to 36 months giving you long term peace of mind with RAC.

And who better to choose than the motorist champion. The RAC have been keeping vehicles on the road for over 119 years and in 2016 alone paid out over £7.4 million of warranty claims.

RAC Extended Warranty Prices

For total flexability you can choose the term you wish to extend your warranty to. The costs are as follows.

Term Cost (Engines under 3.0 litre) Cost (Engines over 3.0 litre)
Extend to 12 months £199 £299
Extend to 24 months £799 £899
Extend to 36 months £1149 £1249

All vehicles with an All Wheel / Four Wheel Drive system attract a £100 additional premium on the above stated costs.

Watch our Video Explaining the RAC Warranty 

RAC Warranty Cover

To understand what your warranty covers please Click here for further details.

Please note we only sell this RAC product to customers who has purchased the car directly from Anthony Betts Motor Group.