At Anthony Betts, we want to make it as easy as possible for people who want to buy a new or used car. It’s no secret that most customers who purchase a vehicle do so through finance, and we’re here to give you a simple, straight forward journey to achieving that.

Before looking at a car in detail, many of us like the reassurance that we know that the finance is approved in principal. At Anthony Betts, you can apply for finance online with ease using our Free Credit Credit- and not only that - but it won't harm your credit rating.

We perform what is called a 'soft search', ensuring that, regardless of the decision, your profile won't be affected. Kept simple, it doesn't leave a mark on your credit score when you submit the form - whether you are accepted for finance or not. This helps all sorts of people check their eligibility for car finance online without having any negative effects.

The process is swift, too, with just a few questions to answer and an instant online decision you could get into a new car sooner than you'd ever think, and you can apply at any time, so you can complete it at your leisure at a time that suits you - and it's completely free to do so without any obligations.


​What is a soft credit search check?

A soft search credit check is certainly the best way for us to qualify you for car credit. It doesn’t show up when other lenders view your credit profile, so they won’t be scared away and it enables us to find the most suitable lender for your personal circumstances.

A full credit check, on the other hand, alerts lenders to the fact that you’re actively looking for finance. If several searches pop up on your credit report, then lenders may be reluctant to approve you as they may think that you're looking to take out multiple loans and will view you as more of a risk.

What is a hard credit search check?

A hard credit search leaves a permanent footprint on your credit report, which is visible to lenders. A hard credit check can negatively affect your ability to obtain car finance in the future and multiple hard credit searches can give the impression that you're desperate for credit, causing you to be seen as a risk.


How do Soft Credit Checks help your credit profile?

We know that it’s important to keep an eye on your credit profile and keep it up to date. So if you have lots of finance applications flagging up on your credit report, this obviously has a negative effect on future lending chances.

You might be surprised to find that not many car dealerships provide an initial soft search credit check during the comparison stage - this puts your chances of receiving a successful car finance application at serious risk. Our Free Credit Check, is an initial soft credit check, meaning that you can see if you are eligible for finance without impacting your credit score at all. We believe that a soft search credit check is the best option for our customers. There is no effect on your credit profile and lenders won’t see the multiple applications taken over a short period of time.