The smart way to service your car

Many of us pay for our gas, electricity, rates, phone and other regular costs on a monthly basis to avoid those bigger one off costs. So why not do the same with your vehicles servicing?

At Anthony Betts we are committed to making servicing costs as affordable and flexible as possible and our Service Plans are a popular choice with our customers allowing you to spread the cost of servicing and MOT's with manageable monthly payments. The plan also gives you a fixed price (interest free and inflation free) for the next 3 years.

Ensuring your car is serviced regularly not only maintains your warranty cover but provides you with a full vehicle service history, retaining the value of your car when you come to sell it. Furthermore a properly serviced vehicle will run more efficiently and safely. So in conclusion your car will be worth more and will cost less to run!

As we know car servicing does take time so, for convenience, you will be able to benefit from the use of our courtesy cars or we can collect the vehicle from you at your home or place of work.


  • Service Plans are free of charge. There is no cost to set one up, no interest added on, no hidden charges. The small monthly fee paid covers your servicing costs and if applicable, MOT costs, for the duration of the agreement.
  • The price of services are set at the point of sale, securing your finances against any further rising costs such as inflation etc.
  • Each service plan is specifically tailored to your vehicles model, age and estimated mileage, so you can be sure that the service that is carried out is relevant to your vehicle specifically.
  • Only genuine parts are fitted, supplied by us and fitted by our trained, qualified technicians.
  • By having a service plan in place, it enables you to budget your money easier, knowing the costs of maintaining your vehicle are covered (aside from things like consumables/wear and tear items such as brake pads etc)
  • A service plan helps ensure the vehicle has full service history, retaining the value of your vehicle when the time comes to sell it.


  • Courtesy Cars: We offer both automatic and manual courtesy cars to use while your vehicle is being serviced or repaired with us, allowing you to carry on with your daily obligations as usual, causing minimal disruption to your day.
  • Pick up and delivery service: Working from home? Family commitments? Other obligations? Let us help take away the hassle of dropping your car into us by collecting it from you, carrying out the planned work and then delivering it back for you. Where possible please try to give us 7-10 days advance notice if you need this service as it is a very popular option among our customers!
  • While-You-Wait service: We can also offer a waiting slot for most servicing work, meaning your car will go into the workshop at the appointment time you book with us. We have a waiting area, complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi, perfect if you need to work or just want to browse the internet. We are also situated next to the Red Lion pub, who offer breakfast and lunch if you feel a bit peckish!


  • Our service plans are quick and simple to set up – all you need to do is complete the standing order mandate which we would have provided to you and then set it up as a regular payment with your bank. We can either do this for you, or you can set this up via online banking – the reference to use and the amount will be detailed on your standing order mandate.
  • Our service plans can be transferred to different vehicles (although the monthly figure may need to be adjusted) – they can also be cancelled at any time too, allowing complete flexibility over your finances.

To summarise

Pay monthly - An affordable, fixed monthly payment by standing order covers the cost of all routine scheduled service work (parts, labour and VAT). You can also include your MOT's.

Inflation-proof servicing - If the price of parts and/or labour increases during the term of the plan, no problem - you won’t pay any more. Your monthly payment is fixed.

Convenience - Courtesy cars are available or we can collect the vehicle from you at your home or place of work.

Flexibility - You can cancel your plan at anytime, or if you change your car you have the option to transfer any remaining funds to your new car.

Improved fuel economy & safety - A properly serviced vehicle will run more efficiently and safely. You can drive mile after mile knowing that your vehicle is in the best condition for driving safely and saving fuel

Resale desirability - A Full Service History is a significant asset to boost the desirability and value of your vehicle when you come to sell it

If you wish you can pay up front in one lump sum.

Applying for a Service Plan

Applying for a service plan couldn't be easier. You can complete the form below or give our friendly team a call and we'll create a plan that is matched to your individual needs. Once you've received your quote and you're happy to go ahead, your car service plan will be set up in minutes, giving you hassle-free servicing for years to come.


Suzuki New Car Service Plans

Here are the service plan costs when purchasing a brand new Suzuki. Remember a 6 year service plan will ensure you have the benefit of the Suzuki 7 Year Service Activated Warranty and Roadside cover

Model1st Service2nd Service3rd Service & MOT4th Service & MOT5th Service & MOT6th Service & MOTTotal71 Monthly Payments
Suzuki Ignis £176.17 £327.16 £273.40 £402.09 £329.90 £515.32 £2024.04 £28.51
Suzuki Swift £214.69 £361.32 £281.76 £472.22 £319.74 £589.15 £2238.88 £31.53
Suzuki Swift Sport £217.02 £332.02 £376.81 £429.89 £279.02 £623.82 £2258.58 £31.81
Suzuki Vitara £205.02
£322.02 £390.53 £442.55 £255.02 £539.44 £2154.58 £30.35
Suzuki S-Cross £205.89 £332.88 £405.62 £444.01 £255.89 £539.44 £2183.73 £30.76
Suzuki Jimny £227.93 £419.97 £259.53 £505.64 £274.08 £576.29 £2263.44 £31.88
Suzuki Swace £157.89 £372.31 £258.79 £422.31 £207.89 £580.23 £1999.42 £28.16
Suzuki Across £241.15 £407.62 £315.15 £481.62 £291.15 £658.05 £2394.74 £33.73