Air Conditioning Re-Gas Service (All Makes)

Does my air con need recharging?

Your vehicles air conditioning system, like every other aspect of a modern automobile, needs to be serviced at regular intervals.

Most manufacturers recommend that your air con is recharged every 2 years. As your car or van's air conditioning system is not checked as part of a MOT test and re-gassing is not generally included in any manufacturers scheduled, it is important to make sure that you include recharging as part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine.

If your air con is blowing out warm air or only works intermittently, this would indicate that the level of refrigerant gas, has fallen too low. Some gas is always lost when the system is in use, but if the level falls too low, the system won’t work effectively – or even at all. An air con re-gas service can bring back cold air when you need it most on hot days and can also improve your fuel efficiency as there is less strain on the system and engine.

Unpleasant smells coming from the air vents also suggest that your air con needs some attention. Because of the moisture passing through the system, it is important to ensure that bacteria and mould spores haven’t built up in the system if it hasn’t been used for a while. On the other hand, if it has been used a lot, it might need a new pollen filter, to help keep dust and some fine particles out of the cabin.

Did you know?

Air conditioning doesn’t just provide in-car comfort during the hot summer months; it can also be used in winter as an air con system removes moisture from the air and the systems' filter blocks dust, pollen,sand and mites to ensure a constant supply of fresh clean air is supplied to the cabin of your car. As the system removes moisture in the winter it can create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside which can clear your windscreen much more quickly than your regular blowers.

How much does a Re-Gas Service cost?

The price you pay for an air conditioning recharge depends on the type of refrigerant gas your car uses. The vast majority of cars on the road in the UK use one of two types of refrigerant - R134A and R1234YF. If your air conditioning system requires R134A gas the cost to a re-gas service is £59.99. For vehicles that require R1234YF gas the cost of a re-gas service is £129.99. It is not possible to switch between gases, in fact, the port to recharge R1234YF models is different to the R134A making it impossible to refill with the incorrect gas.

What does a Re-Gas service include?

Unlike many garages or fast fit operations our costs do not just include a re-gas. We will also check the system to ensure it hasn't developed a fault or leak. We do this so, unlike other garages, we don't waste your money on a re-gas if its only going to leak out again over time. Our Air Conditioning Re-Gas Service includes;

  • Initial System Test
  • Check system components
  • Check internal system controls
  • Recover any existing refrigerant from the system
  • Vacuum Air Conditioning System
  • Anti Bacterial Treatment
  • Re Gas A/C System
  • Add Oil and leak detection dye
  • Check Filter

How do I know which air con gas I require?

R134A gas is common in vehicles manufactured before 2014. All vehicles with air conditioning manufactured since 1st January 2017 include the new R1234YF air con gas which is more environmentally friendly. Since this date, manufacturers are no longer allowed to use the older R134A air con gas in a bid to reduce global warming as the old gas is believed to be more damaging to the environment. R1234YF gas was phased in by vehicle manufacturers over time so vehicles rolling off the production line between 2013 and 2016 could require either gas. To find out which type of air conditioning gas your car needs and to start a booking to have your air con re-gas service start a booking below.


What if I need a new filter?

Your air-conditioner filter blocks dust, pollen, sand and mites to ensure a constant supply of fresh clean air is supplied to the cabin of your car. The filter is composed of fibres. When used over a long period of time, these can become clogged with dust and pollen, resulting in poor ventilation and inefficient air-conditioning when you need it most. In cold weather, it may also take longer to clear the frost and any condensation from your vehicle’s windshield.

For maximum efficiency, your air-conditioner filter should be replaced regularly. This guideline may vary depending on your filter type, condition of use and region. We will advise you as part of your air con re-gas service if a replacement filter is required, but will not undertake this without your prior approval.

The filter:

Dustproof Effect - Blocks dust, pollen, sand and mites to create a cleaner flow of air.

Deodorising Effect - Active carbon or tea-catechin to remove unpleasant odours such as tobacco and car exhaust fumes.

Antibacterial Effect - Medicative tea-catechin in the fibre layer to suppress any bacteria or mould in the trapped dust.

Anti-Allergen Effect - Active carbon or tea-catechin to remove airborne dust and pollen.

Sanity System

If there are very bad odours coming from your air vents when you turn on your car AC, then your car may also benefit from a Sanity System clean. To learn more about this please see our Sanity System page.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning

It is recommended that you have a Re-gas Service every 2 years to keep your air conditioning working efficiently.

How Manual Air Con Works

From cooling you down in Summer to keeping you warm in Winter, your vehicle's air con is an important part of your driving experience.

How Auto Air Con Works

While you might think that your air con system is just to keep you cool in Summer, it also helps keep you safe by demisting the windscreen in Winter.