Our courtesy cars are free, (except for our all makes fixed price servicing offer) however there is a £12 per day charge to cover the insurance. In order to arrange this cover we do need to see your driving licence, as we have to check your eligibility to drive.

Our courtesy car insurance is subject to you meeting the following criteria and agreeing to the attached terms and conditions.

1. Driver Acceptance Criteria

Age 21 to 85 inclusive with a full valid UK or permitted non-UK driving licence (see point 7 below) held for at least 12 months.

No more than 9 penalty points accrued in the last 3 years.

No disqualifications in the last 5 years.

£250 customer excess.

2. Under 21 Driver Acceptance Criteria

Age 18 to 20 inclusive with a full valid UK driving licence held for at least 12 months.

No LCV loans and no disqualifications or revocations.

Cars up to £20,000 in value only. £500 customer excess.

3. Insurance Cover Details and Exclusions

Comprehensive cover with no exclusions relating to the drivers profession (see point 8 below)

4. Additional Drivers

Additional drivers are permitted subject to being named and meeting the Driver Acceptance Criteria.

Only for demonstrations or courtesy loans for customers or employees. Only for use in the UK.

5. Incorrect Fuel

The consequential damage of using the incorrect fuel is covered.

7. Non UK Licence Holders

Permitted non-UK licence holders are subject to double the excess of a UK licence holder.

International licence holders are not covered with the exception of EU, Swiss, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

8. Specific Exclusions & terms

Customers personal effects are not covered. Insurance not available for taxi hire, hire and reward or courier business purposes or for track or off road use. No customer owned vehicles can be covered only vehicles owned by Anthony Betts Motor Group are covered with a maximum of 7 passenger seats per vehicle. LCV is limited to 3.5t GVWR. Employee insured for personal or private use. Business use excluded except for attending training courses.Towing is permitted but cover excludes damage or theft to any trailer or contents.

Insurance premium is charged in 24 hour periods on a per loan basis.

You will be asked to sign the following declaration, amended as appropriate if under 21 or you hold a non UK driving licence. The vehicles condition will be checked out and in.


Terms of Insurance

I am over 21 and under 86 years of age, and I have held a full, valid UK driving licence applicable to the vehicle for at least 12 months. I have not accumulated more than 9 penalty points in the last 3 years, nor have I been disqualified from driving in the last 5 years. I confirm that, if I have any health condition or disability that could affect my ability to drive safely, I have notified the DVLA, and the DVLA has authorised me to drive. I have given consent for the dealership to carry out a driving licence check and I understand that should I incur any pending or new endorsements or restrictions during the period of loan, failure to inform the dealership immediately may invalidate the insurance. I will pay any charges for loss/damage as a result of not using the correct fuel. I accept that these terms also apply to any additional authorised driver.

Conditions of Loan

Anthony Betts Motor Group (the dealership) loans this vehicle subject to the following conditions:

1.The vehicle is insured on a comprehensive basis by the dealership from the time it is collected by me or delivered to me, whilst it is in my custody and control and until such time it is returned by me to the dealership or dealership representative. I agree to pay an insurance excess of £250 to the dealership in the event of any accidental damage, which will be refunded if recovered from a third party. I acknowledge the policy does not cover personal effects or my own personal injury, which remain at my own risk.

2.I accept full responsibility for any uninsured loss or damage however such loss or damage is caused. In the event of an accident I will report the incident immediately to the dealership and will complete an accident report form at the dealership. Any necessary repair work will be carried out by the dealership and paid by me upon receipt of invoice.

3.Iaccept that any motoring or traffic offences, toll or parking charges, penalties and fines arising in relation to the vehicle for the duration of the loan are my sole responsibility under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, and/or any subsequent relevant legislation. I will indemnify the dealership forthwith for any penalties, fines, legal fees, cost, interest or other charges paid by them in relation to any such motoring or traffic offences or toll or parking charges. I agree to a £8.33 charge per day for every day I drive into the London Congestion Charge Zone and agree to inform the dealership of these days, if any, upon return of the vehicle. I also agree to this charge if I fail to correctly inform the dealership. I hereby irrevocably agree to any such charges including an administration fee of £25+VAT being charged to me and for my details to be passed to the relevant third party.

4.Iwill not drive the vehicle more than 100 miles per day unless by prior agreement. If I do I will accept a charge of £0.50+VAT per mile in excess of the agreed mileage.

5.I will replace all fuel used during the loan period, or be invoiced for it at a cost of £1.50+VAT per litre.

6.Iagree the vehicle is only insured to be driven by named person(s) and will only be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and/or for my own business purposes excluding use for hire and reward, taxi or courier business purposes. I will indemnify the dealership in full against any and all claims, costs and expenses arising out of the driving of the vehicle by any other persons and accept full responsibility for any uninsured costs arising whilst these named persons are driving or have custody of the vehicle.

7.I will not enter into any other agreement with any third party to further hire or loan the vehicle.

8.I understand the vehicle's controls, agree not to disengage any of the passive safety features and to leave it secured at all times with the keys removed. I understand failure to do so will invalidate the insurance policy and in the event of a loss I shall become liable for the full value of the vehicle.

9.Iagree not to use the vehicle for track or off road purposes, and not to take the vehicle outside the UK and Eire. Towing is permitted but cover excludes damage or theft to any trailer or contents.

10.I will return the vehicle at the end of the agreed loan period, or whenever requested.

11.I will not smoke or allow animals in the vehicle and I will return the vehicle in a clean and serviceable condition, and agree to pay £30+VAT for cleaning if required.

12.I agree that if I am in breach of any significant policy conditions then the dealership has a right of recovery against me.